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Decision Search Form

Decision Search Form

Decisions signed after July 2000 are now available online. If you need documents issued before July 2000, you can request copies from Central Files by filling this online form.
Decision Number  (Example: D0011036) Search Tips
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  • Search by Decision Number: enter the Decision Number into the Decision Number field with no punctuation, for example: D0011036. If you do not know the number but know that the Decision was issued in November 2000, you could enter D0011. This would return a listing of all decisions issued in November 2000.

  • And/or by Proceeding Number: if you know the Proceeding number of the Decision that you are looking for, enter the Proceeding Number into the Proceeding Number field with no punctuation, for example: A9909053.

  • And/or by Publication Date: enter the date range of which the Decision was published.

  • Keyword Search: If you do not have any of the above information, use this keyword search function.
    Decision number and Proceeding number scheme: The Commission numbers its decisions and proceedings in the following format - For Decision the first letter is D; and for Proceeding number, it can be A for application, C for Complaint Case, R for Rulemaking and I for Investigation. Followed by the two digits year that the Decision/Proceeding was issued/opened, then two digits month, and the last three digits are the sequential numbers of which the Decision/Proceeding issued/opened during that period. Example: D0011036 or A9909053. Although the Decision number and Proceeding number fields are free text fields, a correct numbering scheme is required.

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