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Order Instituting Rulemaking to Consider Modifications to the California Advanced Services Fund Including Those Necessary to Implement Loan Program and Other Provisions of Recent Legislation.

Rulemaking 10-12-008

(Filed December 16, 2010)

· The Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account ($100 million);

· The Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Grant Account ($10 million) ; and

· The Broadband Infrastructure Revolving Loan Account ($15 million).5

1 Broadband refers to the width of frequency bands used to transmit data or voice communications over the Internet. Depending on the width of the frequency band, information can be sent on many different frequencies or channels with broadband concurrently, allowing for advanced services, including video, to be transmitted at much faster speeds than would otherwise be available over a dial-up telephone connection to the Internet.

2 SB 1040 is codified at California Public Utilities (Pub .Util.) Code § 281.

3 See Pub. Util. Code § 281.

4 The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has set a goal of broadband access for at least 98% of households and 80% adoption by 2015 and 90% by 2020. Both CETF and CASF are promoting broadband deployment in areas of California and aim at bridging digital divide.

5 See id. §§ 281(a), (b)(1).

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