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ALJ/MAB/rbg Date of Issuance 9/24/2007

Decision 07-09-025 September 20, 2007


Application of the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, on behalf of the California Telecommunications Industry, for Relief of the 714 Numbering Plan Area.

Application 07-03-010

(Filed March 13, 2007)




This decision authorizes an area code overlay to add a new area code, 657, to the same geographic region as the 714 area code under the terms set forth below. In taking this action, we grant the application filed on March 13, 2007, by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) requesting the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) to approve an all-services overlay. We are adopting a 12-month implementation schedule. The coexistence of both the 657 and 714 area codes will provide additional numbering resources to the dwindling supply of telephone numbers and will allow service providers to meet the demand for telephone numbers. A timely start for the implementation of the area code overlay is important to ensure that consumers continue to have access to telephone numbers from the service provider of their choice. Accordingly, the implementation of the new area code overlay shall commence immediately.

Given the novelty of an area code overlay, an effective public education program (PEP) will be essential in fostering success of this new form of area code change in California,1 as ordered herein. After the public education period, the new 657 area code will be available in the same geographic location as the current 714 area code. Consequently, consumers must dial the three-digit area code for all calls to and from telephone numbers with the 714 or 657 area codes.2 Consumers may begin using this new dialing procedure six months after the start of the 12-month implementation schedule and continue to do so for six months, i.e., during the permissive dialing period. However, consumers must use this new dialing procedure at the end of the permissive dialing period, which is the start of the mandatory dialing period. No consumers will be required to change their telephone numbers. New telephone numbers with the new 657 area code can be issued to consumers coincident with the start of the mandatory dialing period or 12 months after the effective date of this order.

1 This will only be the second time that California has implemented an area code overlay. The involved the 310 area code, also in Southern California, which added the 424 area code.

2 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in paragraph 70 of FCC 00-429 "required mandatory 10-digit dialing for all calls in areas served by overlays to ensure that competition will not be deterred in overlay area codes as a result of dialing disparity."

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