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Public Utilities Commission of the
State of California


IT IS ORDERED by the Public Utilities Commission of the State
of California that each railroad corporation operating in the State of
California shall file its standards for the construction, reconstruction
and for the subsequent maintenance of walkways adjacent to its tracks
as hereinafter required and any future changes or revisions thereof
in accordance with the following provisions and shall hereafter, in the
construction and reconstruction of its tracks and walkways, observe its
standards filed with the Commission in accordance with the provisions
of this order:

1. The standards of each railroad corporation operating in the State
of California for the construction or reconstruction of walkways adja-
cent to its tracks shall be filed with the Commission for its approval
not later than thirty days after the effective date of this order.

2. Each railroad corporation operating in the State of California
shall file with the Commission any change or reissue of its standards
for the construction and reconstruction of walkways adjacent to its
tracks. No change or reissue of any such standard shall become effective
less than five days after approval thereof by the Commission. If the
Commission does not approve or disapprove any standard, change or
reissue within sixty days after the filing thereof, the change or reissue
shall be deemed to be approved. If the Commission disapproves a pro-
posed standard within the sixty day period, the railroad or railroads
submitting such standard may file formal application thereafter to the
Commission for approval of said standard.

3. The standards of each railroad corporation shall contain provisions
for reasonably safe and adequate walkways adjacent to its tracks in all
switching areas, and shall provide that all such walkways shall be main-
tained and kept reasonably free from vegetation as may be appropriate
to prevailing conditions, and shall provide for abatement of weeds and
brush adjacent to walkways as necessary to prevent the growth of ob-
jectionable vegetation encroaching upon such walkways.

4. Each railroad corporation shall furnish the Commission with the
name and address of an appropriate general officer, or officers, to whom
complaints relating to the provision and maintenance of walkways
pursuant to this order may be reported.

5. The Commission, after hearing, may order the railroad corporation
to eliminate any unsafe walkway condition and may specify such
reasonable time within which the improvement shall be completed as
may be appropriate under the circumstances.

6. Each railroad corporation operating within the State shall pursue
a program of improvement of walkways in all switching areas where a
substantial amount of switching is performed, along its main, branch
and industrial trackage toward substantial conformity with its stand-
ards filed with the Commission pursuant to this order.

7. Deviations from the filed standards or the provisions of this order
may be authorized by the Commission for any specific installation for
good cause upon application by a railroad corporation; which applica-
tion shall include a full statement of the conditions which prevail at
the time and place involved, and reasons why deviation is deemed

This order shall be effective April 29, 1963.

Approved and dated at San Francisco, California, this 9th day of

April, 1963.

Public Utilities Commission of the
State of California


Reconstruction shall mean the use of more than 50% of material
such as ties, ballast or fill or more than 50% of the current
capital cost of the improvement.

Where such standards would be in conflict with General Order 26-D,
the provisions of General Order 26-D shall apply.

These standards shall not be applicable to:

(1) Tracks in streets or tunnels, existing bridges, grade separation
structures, ferry slips, road crossings, trestles, cattle guards, tracks
adjacent to walks, abutments, platforms, pillars and structures where
minimum widths are otherwise provided for in General Order 26-D.

(2) Within cities, towns, populated or congested areas where in-
sufficient width of right of way is available, except these standards
shall apply to the full width of the right of way available.

(3) During periods of heavy rain or snow, derailments, rock and
earth slides, and other abnormal periods, including reasonable dura-
tion of time after return to normal to permit necessary restoration.

Walkways shall provide a reasonable regular surface with gradual
slope not to exceed approximately one inch to eight inches.

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