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These are the rules for Advice Letter CDs. They were written to ensure that all Advice Letter CDs, independent of the submitting utility, are processed by the CPUC in an efficient and uniform manner.

Of important note are modified rules for the content file. This file is required on each CD. It allows CPUC staff to easily link the documents on the CD to our Advice Letter document management system by way of an automated process. Because of this, the content file must conform to additional rules.

Please read these rules carefully. At the end of this document is a sample content file that you may follow for your Advice Letter CDs.


CD Format and File Naming Rules



Advice Letters may be submitted on CD-R or CD-RW



The CD must be Windows PC compatible.



All files that appear on the CD must appear at the root level of the CD (not in a folder).



All files must have a 3-digit extension. Extensions are not case sensitive. Extensions must be one of the following:

    · doc Word document

    · txt text file

    · xls Excel spreadsheet

    · csv comma separated values file (comma delimited file)

    · pdf Adobe acrobat file

    · jpg JPEG image



All file names are limited to 12 characters before the file extension. Only letters, digits, and the underscore ( _ ) are allowed before the file extension. Spaces are not allowed in file names.



The Content File



Every CD must have exactly one content file on it.



The purpose of the content file is to easily indicate to CPUC staff which files have been submitted on the CD.

It is also used to link the documents (files) on the CD to the in-house Advice Letter document management system. Because of this, the file must conform to certain formatting requirements.



The content file should be named: content.txt



This file must be a text file (i.e., readable using Microsoft Notepad). This is necessary so that information can be easily extracted from this file without manual intervention.



The content file contains two types of lines:

File Entries - Every file that appears on the CD must have a file entry in the content file. These lines will be used to automatically link the files to our Advice Letter document management system.

Comments - these are all of the other lines that are not file entries. They are not used to link files to our Advice Letter document management system, but may still contain useful information.



File entries have the following format:



FILE_NAME is the actual name of the file on the CD

DESCRIPTION is a description of the file

FILE_NAME and DESCRIPTION are both required.



FILE_NAME must conform to rules 1D and 1E (page 1).



There must be at least one space between FILE_NAME and DESCRIPTION.

DESCRIPTION may not be continued onto another line.



Important! If a line contains a valid file name (see rule 1D and 1E) and the file name is immediately followed by a space then the line will be treated as a file entry.

All other lines are treated as comments.



Examples of File Entries in Content Files


Example 1

AL123.doc Proposed Tariff

The file entry is valid.

The file name is: AL123.doc

The description is: Proposed Tariff

The file name is valid because

    · the file name has a valid extension (see rule 1D)

    · the file name is 5 characters and is composed of only letters and numbers (see rule 1E)


Example 2

"AL123.doc" Proposed Tariff

Although this appears to be a valid file entry, it is treated as a comment. Rule 2I requires the file name to be followed by a space. In this case, it is followed by a double-quote.


Example 3

File 1 AL123.doc Proposed Tariff

Although this appears to be a valid file entry, it is invalid because it contains extra characters (e.g., `File 1') before the file name (see rule 2F). No characters (other than spaces) may appear before the file name.


Example 4

A20174.pdf A9_17.pdf SCHEDULE A-3

The line is valid although it shouldn't be.

The file name is: A20174.pdf

The description is: A9_17.pdf SCHEDULE A-3

Do not put two file names on the same line. The second one will be treated as part of the description.

Below is an example of a valid content file.

Date: 04/21/2003

Advice Letter # A3467


content.txt List of files on this CD

23687.pdf Advice Letter and contract (redacted)

GO66C_23687.pdf Contract (unredacted)

GO66C_23687.xls Work Papers (cost work/financials)

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