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o Reduce energy consumption related to water use in a manner that should prove to be cost-effective for all of the customers of the sponsoring energy utilities;

o Create a methodology for calculating cost-effectiveness and evaluating water-derived energy efficiency programs;

o Determine if, in fact, it is cost-effective to save energy through programs that focus on cold water;

o Better understand how energy is used in the California water system;

o Test a diverse set of water energy programs and measures, with particular emphasis on new technologies and low-income customers;

o Better understand what programs and measures are likely to save water and energy;

1 Available at http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/word_pdf/FINAL_DECISION/76926.pdf.

2 The Water Energy Calculator is available at http://doe2.com/download/Water-Energy/WaterSavingMeasures-Calculator-v3.pdf.

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