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1 As stated in the December 21, 2007 CAISO FERC tariff: "The MRTU Tariff is the product of more than seven years of study, analysis, stakeholder input, coordination with state authorities, and [Federal Energy Regulatory] Commission guidance to address structural flaws in the CAISO's electricity markets and to develop an improved infrastructure for the CAISO's markets and operations. As the [FERC] Commission has recognized, the CAISO's MRTU initiative fixes flawed market rules that contributed to the 2000-2001 Western energy crisis, brings greater transparency to prices, improves congestion management, provides for resource adequacy, enhances market power mitigation, and streamlines the CAISO's daily operations. The MRTU Tariff will provide substantial benefits to customers not only in California but across the Western Interconnection. This [MRTU] tariff reflects the [FERC] Commission's guidance in a series of more than 30 orders going back to the year 2000 providing guidance to the CAISO and stakeholders on the MRTU design."

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