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1 Evaluations of existing low-income rate assistance, EE, solar and green-building programs are already taking place in the various forums. Modifying these evaluations and combining them into cohesive, publicly available audits will certainly have an impact on these programs, but not of the scale associated with the two impacts discussed in this section.

2 CPUC oversight of utility development of procurement plans is required by Section 454.5 of the Public Utilities Code.

3 The Long Term Procurement Plans in which these estimates are developed are updated every two years, and the level of detail required in this analysis is expected to increase in scope and complexity based on the Draft Scoping Memo issued in the new policy-focused Long Term Procurement Plan proceeding (R.08-02-007).

4 The "all else equal" qualifier in this sentence relates primarily to the fact that to the extent new in-state powerplants replace electricity currently being imported from out-of-state, there will be an increase in in-state gas consumption and carbon (and other) emissions. However, given that the driver for this shift is the move away from carbon-intensive out-of-state coal generation, this increase in in-state emissions will actually represent a significant reduction in California's carbon footprint.

5 As implemented under Public Utilities Code 399.11 through 399.16.

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