IV. Procedural Summary of DWR Revenue Requirement Implementation

9 A copy of DWR's May 2, 2001 letter was appended to D.01-05-064 as Attachment B. 10 Commissioner Brown sent letters dated June 18, 2001, and June 26, 2001, to the Director of DWR, Thomas M. Hannigan, seeking additional information to supplement the data provided in the May 2, 2001 revenue requirement letter referenced above. 11 DWR sent a letter to Commissioner Brown on December 6, 2001, submitting additional updated information relating to its revenue requirement determination. The additional information resulted in an approximate 1% net reduction in total expenditures. DWR believes that its November 5th revenue requirement continues to be appropriate as a basis for establishing charges in this order, and that the impacts of any subsequent developments can be taken into account in a subsequent true up proceeding.

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