X. Implementation of DWR Revenue Remittance Procedures

A. Establishment of a Separate Charge for DWR Electric Power

43 While we establish a separate per-kWh charge for DWR, we do not require the utilities to show this charge as a separate line item on customers' bills. We have discussed this in our orders adopting Servicing Agreements between DWR and SCE, SDG&E, and PG&E, respectively. 44 See A.01-06-044, filed June 25, 2001 for Edison's Servicing Agreement, and A.01-06-039, filed June 22, 2001, for SDG&E's Servicing agreement. PG&E's Servicing Agreement was considered in this docket (A.00-11-038 et al.) as a result of DWR's letter of June 27, 2001 requesting that the Commission order PG&E to provide certain services to DWR. 45 DWR Comments, p. 2. 46 FERC, Order Granting Motion Concerning Creditworthiness Requirement And Rejecting Amendment No. 40, ER01-3013-000 and ER01-889-008, issued November 7, 2001. 47 DWR Comments, pp. 2-3. (Emphasis added.) 48 Among the issues to be addressed is determining the amount of Imbalance Energy DWR actually provided to SCE's customers. For example, the following issues must be addressed to determine the amount of Imbalance Energy DWR provided: (a) establishing distribution losses; (b) determining treatment of energy dispatched by the ISO from IOU generation to serve other ISO-area load; and (c) accounting for ISO sales of pre-scheduled DWR energy for which SCE has previously paid DWR. SCE is attempting to resolve these issues with DWR. 49 In D.01-03-082, the Commission granted an energy surcharge three cents per kWh for PG&E and SCE, prescribing that a portion of the surcharge would be allocated to DWR.

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