"Accordingly, we issue this interim order in which we suspend the right to enter into new contracts or agreements for direct access effective today. This decision prohibits the execution of any new contracts for direct access service, or the entering into, or verification of, any new arrangements for direct access service pursuant to Public Utilities Code Sections 366 or 366.5, after the effective date of this order. [Footnote omitted.]..

We direct the utilities not to accept any direct access service requests (DASRs) for any contracts executed or agreements entered into after the effective date of this decision. Steps that the utilities might take to ensure compliance with this order may include obtaining from each energy service provider a list of relevant identifying information for those customers that have entered into timely contracts, but for whom DASRs have not been submitted."

"8. Within 14 days of the effective date of this order, PG&E, SDG&E and SCE, by letter, shall inform the Director of the Energy Division of the steps they have taken to ensure that no direct access service requests are accepted for any contracts executed or agreements entered into after September 20, 2001." (D.01-09-060 at p. 12.)

1. ESPs shall have provided by October 5, 2001 a list of names of all customers with direct access contracts in place as of September 20, 2001.

2. To submit an ESP list, or to submit DASRs for its accounts, an ESP must (1) have in effect a valid ESP/UDC service agreement as of September 20, 2001, and (2) ESPs serving small customers must have in effect as of September 20, 2001 valid Commission registration as required by law.

3. Master agreements between ESPs and certain entities (other than the customers or end users of record) whose terms and conditions allow specific customers to elect direct access in the future (through execution of individual implementing agreements with customers), entered into on or before September 20, 2001 do not qualify as agreements for direct access service with end use customers.

4. Customers and accounts are allowed to switch from one ESP to another after September 20, 2001.

5. No customer is allowed to add a new location to its direct access service after September 20, 2001.

6. No customer is allowed to add a new or additional account to direct access service if that account involves installation of additional meters after September 20, 2001 or would require a new DASR to be submitted after September 20, 2001.

7. Direct access residential and small commercial customers may move from one address to another within the UDC service area and continue to be served by the ESP serving them prior to the move.

8. Direct access contracts may be assigned after September 20, 2001, to either a new ESP, or to a new retail end use customer representing approximately the same load at the same location.

"PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E shall not accept any direct access service requests for any contracts executed or agreements entered into after September 20, 2001." (D.01-09-060 at p. 12.).

9. A customer who had direct access prior to September 20, 2001, but who became a bundled customer before September 20, 2001 cannot return to direct access after September 20, 2001.

10. A direct access customer can change its identity (i.e., Jones Company to Acme Electronics) provided no other implementation restriction applies.

11. Community Choice Aggregation Programs

    Community aggregators shall serve only direct access customers who chose community aggregation prior to September 20, 2001.

12. Returns to Bundled Service and Backbilling

9 Comments from the following parties were filed: Alliance for Retail Energy Markets (AReM), Target Corporation, Laguna Irrigation District and ACWA-USA (LID), the University of California and California State University (UC/CSU), CMTA, Sempra Energy Solutions, City of Cerritos, and PowerSource. 10 According to the Joint Proposal of the Utilities to Implement the Commission's Suspension of Direct Access, filed November 16, 2001 in this proceeding, PG&E and SDG&E each requested that its ESPs submit customer specific account information by November 1, 2001 for each customer name submitted on October 5. If SCE does not have such a list, it should develop the equivalent of such a list in order to implement the provisions of this order.

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