The Workshop Report

The workshop report contains descriptions of the tree trimming programs of Southern California Edison Company (SCE), PG&E, SDG&E, Sierra Pacific Power Company, and Pacific Power and Light Company (PPL), California's largest investor-owned electric utilities, based upon the September 1994 compliance filings. These descriptions generally reflect that the major utilities at that time had inspection and trimming cycles which varied from an actual figure of 14.3 months for SCE to a goal of 3.5 years for PG&E, with a somewhat longer cycle (four to five years) for PPL, whose lines are principally in rural territory under the jurisdiction of other agencies which regulate tree trimming. The report also contains a table summarizing the programs of thirteen municipal utilities, reflecting that they observe a range of one to three years for the pruning cycles under their programs.

The workshop report also contains the report of each subcommittee, describing its task, the projects it undertook as part of the workshop process, and its recommendations. In lieu of repeating the substance of that portion of the report here, it is reproduced verbatim as Appendix A to this decision.1

1 It is important that the reader refer to Appendix A for a clear understanding of the following section of this decision.

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