IX. Consistency with Public Utilities Code Section 1002

Pub. Util. Code § 1002 requires the Commission to give consideration to community values, recreational and park areas, historical and aesthetic values, and influence on the environment. Our efforts here represent a balancing of these factors.

In determining that the Jefferson-Martin project is needed at this time, rather than deferring its construction until there is a demonstrated reliability need for the project, we give great weight to the community values of the Hunters Point and Bayview neighborhoods and their interest in closure of the Hunters Point power plant.

Except for the aboveground portion of the approved route, we have adopted environmentally superior alternatives as identified by our CEQA process. Use of the Route Option 1B configuration in the southernmost portion of the route avoids impacts on Edgewood Park and the Pulgas Ridge Natural Preserve. We eliminate the permanent overhead crossing option for Crystal Springs Dam because sufficient alternatives exist to accommodate this request by the Town of Hillsborough.

The hybrid configuration of the approved southern segment, with the above-ground portion between Trousdale Drive and Glenview Drive, is adopted in express consideration of the community values as expressed by County of San Mateo, the City of Burlingame, and other municipalities and consumer groups regarding the perceived importance of avoiding construction impacts and EMF exposure in populated areas along this portion of the route. While we do not adopt the PUA or the MPUA as some groups would have liked, the adopted hybrid configuration represents a reasonable balancing of the communities' interests and the need to protect environmental resources in the area. We believe that the impact of the above-ground portion of the authorized project on the SFPUC watershed can be minimized through the adopted mitigation measures.

We reject PG&E's proposed transition station at San Bruno Avenue in recognition of the City of San Bruno's redevelopment efforts and the community's desire to maintain a residential, recreational, and neighborhood commercial character for the area.

Thus, we have weighed all of the factors required under § 1002 and find that PG&E should be granted a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the Jefferson-Martin project as described herein.

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