3. Procedural History

A prehearing conference was held on December 1, 1999. The Assigned Commissioner issued a Scoping Memo and Ruling on January 19, 2000, which clarified the scope of the proceeding and established the procedural schedule. As directed by D.99-10-065, the Commission's Energy Division conducted a workshop on March 29, 2000 to discuss the scope of Phase 2 rate design testimony. The Assigned ALJ issued scoping rulings on April 14, 2000 and June 9, 2000 which further clarified the scope of Phase 2.

Phase 2 testimony was served by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), Southern California Edison Company (SCE), Sierra Pacific Power Company (Sierra), the Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), jointly by The Utility Reform Network (TURN), Utility Consumer Action Network (UCAN), and NRDC (together TURN), CalSEIA, jointly by the Cogeneration Association of California and the Energy Producers and Users Council (CAC/EPUC), jointly by Capstone Turbine Corp., Inc. (Capstone), Caterpillar, Inc. (Caterpillar), Distributed Power Coalition of America, Elektryon, Honeywell Power Systems, Inc., and New Energy, Inc. (together Capstone, et al.), the United States Department of the Navy and All Other Federal Executive Agencies (FEA), Duke Energy North America (Duke), Enron Energy Services Inc. and Enron North America Corp. (Enron), Aglet Consumer Alliance (Aglet), jointly by Greenlining Institute and the Latino Issues Forum (GI/LIF), jointly by University of California, California State University System, and California Department of General Services (together State Consumers), and Solar Development Cooperative (SDC).

Rebuttal testimony was served by PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), FEA, CAC/EPUC, GI/LIF, Capstone, ORA, California Independent System Operator (CA ISO), TURN, and EEI. The Commission held seven days of evidentiary hearing in September 2000. The parties that served testimony, as well as the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF), filed opening briefs on November 13, 2000. Reply briefs were filed on December 13, 2000. A comparison exhibit was submitted on January 3, 2001.

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