Final Report: Challenges Facing Consumers With Limited English Skills In The Rapidly Changing Telecommunications Marketplace
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Challenges Facing Consumers With Limited English Skills

In The Rapidly Changing

Telecommunications Marketplace


California Public Utilities Commission

October 5, 2006

Appendix A: Draft Study Plan

Appendix B: June 26, 2006 Workshop Summary

On Monday, June 26, 2006, the Commission held the first of two workshops related to the staff study of the needs of telecommunications consumers with limited English proficiency. Participants included representatives of telecommunications service providers and CBOs as well as Commission staff; Commissioners Rachelle Chong, Dian Grueneich, and John Bohn also participated in much of the workshop. The following overview describes the presentations made and issues raised at the workshop.

Welcome and Commissioner Statements:

Presentation on California's Language Demographics, by Nancy Zarenda:

Presentation of the Commission's Multilingual Education and Outreach, by Karen Miller:

Presentation of the Commission's Consumer Affairs Branch, by Karen Dowd:

Presentation on LEP Best Practices of State Agencies and others, by Nancy Zarenda:

Public Participation Period

Panel 1: Community Based Organizations

Panel 2: Carriers

Discussion and Next Steps

Appendix C: Written Comments on the Study Plan

· ALC comments on study plan

· AT&T Study Plan Comments

· Consumer Federation In-Language Comments

· CTIA Final letter re in language study plan

· DRA Comments on Language Access

· Greenlining Institute Comments on the Language Study Plan

· Latino Issues Forum Study Plan Comments

· Small and Mid-sized LEC Comments on LEP Study Plan


Appendix D: Summary of Key Input from Public Meetings

At the request of various Community Based Organizations (CBOs), including Latino Issues Forum, the Commission held four public meetings at different locations throughout the state to receive input from local community based organizations. Latino Issues Forum was instrumental in planning these meeting, including their agendas and locations, and in conducting outreach to CBOs to publicize them and encourage CBO participation.

Meeting dates and locations:

June 26, 2006: Asian Pacific America Legal Center, Los Angeles

August 3, 2006: Central California Legal Services, Fresno

August 8, 2006: Scottish Rite Center, San Diego

August 10, 2006: El Concilio, Stockton.

Problems Facing LEP Consumers and Possible Solutions Identified at Meetings:

Because certain issues and themes were discussed at multiple meetings, this document lists the major problems and possible solutions identified at these meetings, but does not attempt to attribute the ideas to specific CBOs, meetings, or people.

Impact of Telecommunications problems in LEP customers

Cultural Issues and Factors to Consider in Marketing and Enforcement

Problems and Challenges Encountered

Consumer Needs and Associated Recommendations

Role of CBOs

Appendix E: Draft Staff Report released August 21, 2006

Appendix F: Written Comments on the Draft Staff Report

Released August 21, 2006

· Asian Law Caucus

· AT&T

· Communities for Telecommunications Rights

· Communities for Telecommunications Rights: Attachment - Chinese Plan Checker

· Communities for Telecommunications Rights: Attachment - English Plan Checker

· Communities for Telecommunications Rights: Attachment - Spanish Plan Checker

· Communities for Telecommunications Rights: Attachment - Vietnamese Plan Checker

· Consumer Federation of California

· Consumer Federation of California: Attachment - Draft Rule

· Cox California

· Division of Ratepayer Advocates

· Joint Wireless Carriers

· Roy Segovia

· Small & Mid-Sized

· Watsonville Law Center

Appendix G: CTR Data Report

See attached

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