(1) a statement showing the public need to be served by the proposed crossing;

(2) a statement showing why a separation of grades is not practicable; and

(3) a statement showing the signs, signals, or other crossing warning devises which applicant recommends be provided at the proposed crossing.

(d) A map of suitable scale (50 to 200 feet per inch) showing accurate locations of all streets, roads, property lines, tracks, buildings, structures or other obstructions to view for a distance of at least 400 feet along the railroad and 200 feet along the highway in each direction from the proposed crossing. Such map shall show the character of surface or pavement and width of same, either existing or proposed, on the street or road adjacent to the proposed crossing and on each side thereof.

(f) A profile showing the ground line and grade line and rate of grades of approach on all highways and railroads affected by the proposed crossing.

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