4. Issues surrounding Net Energy Metering, VNM, and Bill Credit Transfer Tariffs

4.1. Service Delivery Point as VNM Boundary in the MASH Program2

4.2. Expansion of VNM to All Customers6

4.3. Expansion of VNM to All Affordable Housing Customers8

4.4. Bill Credit Transfer Option9

2 See Staff Proposal Section 2.2.

3 Rule 1 of SCE's tariffs define "premises" as follows:

All of the real property and apparatus employed in a single enterprise on an integral parcel of land undivided, excepting in the case of industrial, agricultural, oil field, resort enterprises, and public or quasi-public institutions, by a dedicated street, highway, or other public thoroughfare, or a railway. Automobile parking lots constituting a part of and adjacent to a single enterprise may be separated by an alley from the remainder of the premises served. (See SCE comments, 12/20/10 at 3, n. 7.)

4 Specifically, PG&E cites to a generation credit for the City of Davis, Assembly Bill (AB) 2573 regarding CCSF solar wheeling, AB 2488 regarding dairy biodigesters, and AB 2466 regarding local government renewable power. (See PG&E comments, 12/6/10 at 4.)

5 As stated in PG&E's tariff that the Commission approved in PG&E's Advice Letter 3718-E, parcels may be divided by a street, highway or public thoroughfare as long as they are otherwise contiguous, part of the same enterprise, and under the same ownership.

6 See Staff Proposal Section 2.3.

7 All statutory references are to the Public Utilities Code unless otherwise noted.

8 See Staff Proposal Section 2.4.

9 See Staff Proposal section 2.5.

10 The Commission issued D.11-06-016 on June 9, 2011 to establish a Net Surplus Compensation Rate in Application (A.) 10-03-001 and consolidated cases.

11 See D.11-06-0106 issued by the Commission on June 9, 2011.

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