6. Southern Californians for Wired Solutions to Smart Meters' Motion

On January 11, 2012, SCWSSM filed a motion requesting that the Commission "ask the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to review the impacts of the electric and magnetic fields produced by the wireless smart meters proposed to be used by San Diego Gas and Electric Company, in its November 28, 2011, compliance filing responding to D.11-11-007."49 SCWSSM maintains that CDPH's participation is necessary to consider the health impacts of smart meters.

SCWSSM's motion should not even be considered in this proceeding, since the motion concerns a decision issued in a different proceeding applicable to SDG&E. But, even if we were to conclude that SCWSSM had meant to have this motion apply to SCE, we find no basis for granting the motion. In D.12-02-014, we concluded that since there were various reasons why customers would opt out of having a wireless smart meter at their location, consideration of any alleged effects of RF emissions on individuals was outside the scope of the proceeding.50 That same reasoning also applies here. As such, the alleged effect of RF emissions on health is not material to determining whether to offer an opt-out option. More importantly, we have determined that, similar to PG&E's residential customers, SCE's residential customers shall be allowed to opt out of having a wireless smart meter installed in their home for any reason, or for no reason. We do not find that CDPH's participation is necessary to assist us in determining the most reasonable opt-out solution to implement California's energy policies nor the ratemaking issues associated with providing the adopted opt-out solution.

Based on these considerations, SCWSSM's motion is denied.

49 Southern Californians For Wired Solutions to Smart Meters (SCWSSM) Motion to Request the California Department of Public Health to Review the Electric and Magnetic Fields Produced by Wireless Smart Meters (SCWSSM Motion), filed January 11, 2012, at 1.

50 D.12-02-014 at 15-16.

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