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1 The CSI RD&D Program first grant solicitation document is available here: http://www.calsolarresearch.ca.gov/images/stories/documents/first_solicitation_final.doc

2 Solar Photovoltaic Research Plan, California Energy Commission, CEC-500-2007-038-SD, September 2007.

3 Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems "SEGIS" Program Concept Paper, Department of Energy, October 2007.

4 Fifteen topical renewable system integration reports developed out of the renewable system study and are available at http://www1.eere.energy.gov/solar/rsi.html.

5 Contact with other organizations involved in Solar RD&D included: California Energy Commission, U.S. Department of Energy (Solar American Initiative and Solar American Board of Codes and Standards), U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories (NREL, Sandia), NYSERDA, New Jersey's Edison Innovation Commercialization Fund and Clean Energy Manufacturing Fund, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Congestion Relief Pilots, Oregon Department of Energy, Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, Sacramento Municipal Utility District's ReGen Program, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Sunshares program, a variety of California universities (including California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Merced, and UC Santa Cruz), a variety of universities in other states (including Arizona State University, Colorado State University), and leading solar industry companies.

6 CPR has indicated that the improved solar resolution modeling will be "freely available to users throughout California."

7 In advance of the CSI RD&D Program's second solicitation, the CSI RD&D Program Manager made a concerted effort to get potential bidders in contact with the appropriate utility personnel to allow for an up front opportunity for utilities to collaborate, if desired, with potential project applications. Due to the timing of the first solicitation, it is possible that not all opportunities for utility partnership were fully explored.

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