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Communications Division


Carrier Oversight and Programs Branch

September 8, 2011

Resolution T-17329 Rescinding Funding for the Mother Lode Internet Unserved and Underserved Projects in Resolutions T-17197 and T-17225 by Releasing $5,881,405 of California Advanced Services Fund Grant Awards for Other Applicants


1 Under PU Code §854(a), no person or corporation shall acquire control of any public utility organized and doing business in this state without first securing authorization from the Commission, and any such acquisition without prior authorization shall be void and of no effect. In Application 09-02-021, Rapid Link requested approval to acquire ownership of Telenational. On June 18, 2009, D.09-06-024 approved a transfer of control of Telenational to Rapid Link, Inc. and also imposed a $1,000 fine for failure to obtain Commission approval prior to the change. The CASF's primary concern with this organizational change was ensuring that the proper entity holding the CPCN is the fiscal agent. In D.09-06-024, the Commission approved the acquisition, thereby permitting Telenational to act as the CASF fiscal agent for the Mother Lode Broadband Projects.

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