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California Public Utilities Commission
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SAN FRANCISCO, February 3, 2010 - The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in its ongoing commitment to consumer protection, has recently taken a number of actions to protect consumers from illegally operating passenger carriers.

During the fourth quarter of 2009, CPUC took the following enforcement actions against limousine, bus, and shuttle companies for violations of the Public Utilities Code and CPUC rules and regulations, including General Orders (GO) 115-F and 157-D.

Administrative Citation

Seventeen companies were cited and fined (totaling $64,000) for one or more of these violations:

1. Engaged employees without procuring evidence of workers' compensation insurance

2. Engaged unlicensed sub-carriers

3. Failed to comply with GO 157 rules (no prearrangement, incomplete waybills, failed to maintain a current equipment list on file, failed to report the seating capacity of vehicles in operation, incomplete sub-carriers agreements)

4. Failed to enroll drivers in a mandatory drug and alcohol program

5. Failed to enroll drivers in DMV Pull Notice program

6. Failed to provide records

7. Operated and advertised without a valid authority (suspension, revocation, expiration, or unlicensed)

8. Operated as a passenger stage corporation without a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN)

9. Operated without evidence of Public Liability and Property Damage insurance in effect and on file

10. Under-reported gross revenue and failure to pay applicable Public Utilities Commission Transportation Reimbursement Account fees

Companies cited:

1. Brandon Blum dba Rockstar Limo LLC, San Diego (TCP 21398)

2. Chauffeured Services Unlimited LLC, Los Angeles (TCP 21995)

3. Dana Ross Mitchell dba Luxury Tours, Napa (TCP 15339)

4. Four Star Transit, Inc., Chula Vista (TCP 24192)

5. George Sin dba Air California Transportation, Inc., South El Monte (TCP 15138)

6. Haney S. Metwally dba A+ Chauffeur and Limousine, Oakland (TCP 17705)

7. James E. Williams dba Limos America Sedan & Limousine Service, Inc., Santa Rosa (TCP 21300)

8. Juan Manuel Tejeda and Maria Tejeda, Disco Limo, Dixon (TCP 17357 denied / TCP 25382 pending)

9. LA MEX Tours, LLC dba LA MEX Tours, Maywood (TCP 19285)

10. Li's Group LLC dba Pacific Diamond Tour, San Francisco (TCP 23359)

11. LIMAXI-LLC dba Green Ride, San Diego (TCP 21653)

12. Noe A. Fragosa dba A and E Limousine Service, Orange (TCP 13914)

13. Orir Morales dba Express Enterprises, Los Angeles (TCP 12221)

14. Sacramento Transportation Systems, Inc., dba Supershuttle of Sacramento, Sacramento (PSC 15260)

15. Show Time Limousine, LLC dba Show Time Limo, Newport Beach (TCP 22473)

16. Stanley Kilpatrick dba Priority Plus Sedan, Altadena (TCP 6516)

17. The Urban Safari, Inc., San Francisco (TCP 19164)

Criminal Filings

CPUC staff investigations of unlicensed operations resulted in two moving companies being charged criminally for violating the CPUC's rules and regulations. CPUC staff submitted its reports to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office requesting a criminal complaint be filed against these unlicensed companies:

Phone Disconnect

In its ongoing efforts to clamp down on unlicensed passenger carriers, the CPUC had telephone service shut off to three limousine companies operating in California without a charter-party permit. These companies continue to advertise and hold themselves out to engage in the business of transporting passengers for compensation, notwithstanding CPUC staff directives to immediately cease and desist unlawful acts and to obtain a charter-party authority.

Enforcement Actions at Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA):

Individuals or Entities Cited by LAWA for Unlicensed Operation:

Official Notice

Thirty two companies were issued Official Notice for one or more of these violations:

Companies cited:

Cease and Desist Notices

Nnty-four companies were issued cease and desist notice for one or more of these violations:

Companies cited:

1. A1 Limo, Inc., Corona (TCP 19105)

2. AA Express Travel Inc., Rosemead (TCP 21434)

3. AEA Enterprises Inc. dba Alpha Limousine, Lynwood (TCP 16983-Revoked)

4. Aghmaghawi Manour dba Elegant Transportation, Poway (TCP 21313)

5. Albert Sarkisian and Academy Limo (TCP 19036)

6. Alberto C Hernandez and Francisco Hernandez (Unlicensed)

7. Alejandro A Pestana (Unlicensed)

8. Antonio B Ramirez and Lucia Hernandez (TCP 20509)

9. Bruce C. Denberg and Maurer Sean (Unlicensed)

10. Charles Justice and Luxury Limousine (TCP 15380)

11. Coastal Breeze LLC, Citrus Heights (TCP 20641-Expired).

12. Connie Vonzweck dba Skysurfer Balloon Company, Del Mar (Unlicensed)

13. Crossroads Investments, Inc., Huntington Beach (TCP 20028)

14. Daniel Cabo dba Saigon VIP Transportation, LLC, San Diego (TCP 16782)

15. David Antonio Cortes dba DC Transportation, Rohnert Park (TCP 11659-Suspended)

16. Deretic Velibor and MET Enterprises (TCP 24622)

17. Discover America Tours Inc., Los Angeles (TCP 24374)

18. Eddie Aldo Bieler and En Route Transp (TCP 25682)

19. El Camino Charter Lines Inc. dba El Camino Trailways, South San Francisco (TCP 102)

20. Empress Enterprises Inc., dba Golden Coast Shuttle, Los Angeles (TCP 13506)

21. Faras N. Alekabi dba American Sedan and Limo Ser, El Cajon (TCP 21398)

22. Felix Rios (Unlicensed)

23. Five Star Limousine of LA LLC, Glendale (TCP 19541)

24. Flausino Gomes Barbosa dba Exotic Limousine, San Bruno (Unlicensed)

25. Fortuna Assisted Living LLC dba Sequoia Springs Assisted Living, Fortuna (TCP 25517-Pending)

26. Four M Limo, Inc., Santa Clara, (TCP 24045-Revoked)

27. Four Season Limo Services Inc., Los Angeles (TCP 22852)

28. Gabriel Carillo Ramirez Emeryville Shipping (Unlicensed)

29. Gerald H Boulanger (TCP 25339)

30. Global Paratransit Inc., Gardena (Unlicensed)

31. Gregg Magazzu dba Going In Style Limousine, Dana Point (TCP 12201)

32. Hiroshi Jones, Inglewood (Unlicensed)

33. Honggang Wang and Navigator Tours (TCP 20516)

34. Huy Hoang Tran (Unlicensed)

35. Igor Ginzberg dba Melody Transportation Service, San Diego (TCP 16080)

36. In Ho Choi and Gyunglan Choi (Unlicensed)

37. Irene Fernicola and Alvin Hall dba Gem Limousine and Aries Sedan and Limousine Service (TCP 19973-Revoked , TCP 14523-Expired)

38. Jaimie Charland dba Panorama Balloon Tours, Del Mar (Unlicensed)

39. Jay Bhatia dba 4GQ Limousine Service, Livermore (TCP 14582)

40. Jian Qiang Wang (Unlicensed)

41. John Vasquez Ruiz and King Limo (TCP 20789)

42. Joseph Lee Simon dba Fifty Fifty Executive Limousine, Elk Grove (TCP 18107-Revoked)

43. Joseph Yu Chen and Sophie Hui (Unlicensed)

44. Karagezian Chachik and Super Shutttle LA (TCP 25547)

45. Karen Christina Baird and Link Limo (TCP 11416)

46. Kathy Kumiko Nakagome and Yasunori Nakagome (Unlicensed)

47. Kosmo Luiz Alves, KLA Limo and Kosmo Limousine, South San Francisco, (TCP 21433-Revoked)

48. Kotani Akinori (Unlicensed)

49. LaVerne Jones dba Studio 72 West, Oakland (Unlicensed)

50. Leonard Troy Cave and Del Ontiveros (Unlicensed)

51. Limotech, Inc. dba Streamline Limousine, Campbell (TCP 21884)

52. Luxury Limousine Service and Luxury Limousine of Santa Barbara, Buellton (Revoked)

53. Marco Maeda dba Marco Maeda Transportation, Calexico (Unlicensed)

54. Mariano Castro and J/L Limo (TCP 20414)

55. Mario Castellanos, Embassy Limousines, Antioch (TCP 21683 revoked)

56. Mark Anthony Digirolamo and Lake Forest Limo (TCP 11738)

57. Michael Chudosky dba Showbiz Limos, Lake Elsinore (TCP 20322)

58. Michael Ettenberg dba Pacific Beach Bus Company, San Diego (Unlicensed)

59. Michael Reynolds and Nice Executive Transportation 

60. Mike Diaz dba SincityTours.net LLC, Downey (Unlicensed)

61. Monarch Limousine Inc., Burlingame (TCP 21317-Revoked)

62. Omar Enrique Guillen dba Above All Limousine, Richmond (TCP 19314)

63. Orange County Limousine LLC, Yorba Linda (TCP 18623)

64. Panda-Monium Balloon Tours, Del Mar (Unlicensed)

65. Ramil Gonzales dba MGR Limousine Service, Cypress (TCP 13194)

66. Reuben Shekarchi dba Limousine Drive, Palo Alto (TCP 18071)

67. Reynaldo Hernandez dba Turismo El Dorado (TCP 22330)

68. Richard Davis dba Axxess Limousine, Oceanside (TCP 18098)

69. Richard McGrew and Lionheart Transp (TCP 17495)

70. Rick Maldonaldo, VIP Mobile Lounge, Stockton (Unlicensed)

71. Roberto Carlos Baeza and Rental Car Finance (Unlicensed)

72. Ron R Vegas dba Any Occasion Limousine, Byron (TCP 12273-Expired)

73. Ronald Prince dba Rolling Hills Limousine, Inglewood (TCP 24771)

74. Sandee Gustavson dba Care Campus Children's Center, Grass Valley (Unlicensed)

75. Seleshi Workne Tegegne and Beach City Transportation (TCP 23126)

76. Shaw Transportation Management., Sausalito (TCP 20786 revoked)

77. Sheng Yi Tan and Cheng Ye Hui (Unlicensed)

78. Starlight Limousine, Riverside (Unlicensed)

79. Stephen LaRoy Young dba Limo Limo, Citrus Heights (TCP 12205 Suspended)

80. Steven Shawn Won dba AllStar Limousine, Antioch (TCP 22722)

81. Sunday Oifoh dba A S Oifoh Transportation, Bellflower (TCP 19449-Suspended)

82. Sung Woo Wang (Unlicensed)

83. Tarayuki Sakura Ukai and Rent a Car (Unlicensed)

84. Tatiana Menaker dba TravelArt, San Francisco (Unlicensed)

85. Tim Bannister dba Celebrity Tours, Palm Springs (TCP 18873)

86. Tim Beckstrom dba Town Limousine, San Diego (TCP 21399)

87. Tori M. Douglas and Zyno O. Yang dba Prime Time Tours, Sunnyvale (TCP 25582-Denied)

88. Vango Incorporated, Sun Valley (TCP 8933-Revoked)

89. Warren H. Turner and Hollins M. Kipanda (Unlicensed)

90. Wei Xu and Great Wall Travel (TCP 12382)

91. White Knight International, Inc, Fountain Valley (TCP 22321)

92. Wiliam Marusa dba El Camino Livery, San Diego (TCP 4994)

93. Woochan Lee and Sugihara Young (Unlicensed)

94. Young Jae Lee and Myong H Kwon (Unlicensed)

For more information on the CPUC, please visit www.cpuc.ca.gov.


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