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California Public Utilities Commission
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SAN FRANCISCO, August 12, 2010 - The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today approved renewable energy contracts for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Southern California Edison, furthering the state's progress towards its renewable energy goals.

PG&E received approval of three 20-year power purchase agreements with Eurus Energy America Corporation for the Avenal Park, LLC; Sun City Project, LLC; and Sand Drag, LLC projects. The three solar photovoltaic facilities will provide a combined 48 megawatts (MW) of new renewable capacity and an estimated 77 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy annually. The projects will be located near Fresno, Calif., and deliveries are anticipated to begin in mid-2011.

PG&E's 25-year power purchase agreement is with Genesis Solar, LLC, an affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, which is a subsidiary of FPL Group. Under the power purchase agreement, PG&E will procure an average of 524 GWh of renewable energy from the 250 MW solar thermal facility. The facility is being developed in Riverside County, Calif., and energy deliveries are anticipated to begin in 2013.

Edison's 20-year power purchase agreement is with Solar Partners I, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BrightSource Energy, Inc. The project is for a 117 MW solar thermal facility and will utilize solar thermal tower technology. The developer may expand the project up to 128.7 MW. The facility will be located in Ivanpah, Calif., and energy deliveries are anticipated to begin in 2013.

The CPUC's Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) program requires investor-owned utilities, energy service providers, and community choice aggregators operating in California to obtain 20 percent of their retail sales from renewable energy sources by 2010. On November 17, 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger signed an Executive Order (S-14-08) that established a 33 percent by 2020 RPS goal. For the latest information about the utilities' progress towards the state's RPS goal access the CPUC's Quarterly Report to the Legislature: www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/energy/Renewables/index.htm.

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