2. Procedural History

In Decision (D.) 03-06-032 the Commission adopted specific goals for utility price triggered demand response. That decision specified that the adopted goals were above and beyond any "demand response achieved through the emergency programs authorized in Rulemaking (R.) 00-10-002 (interruptible rulemaking)." (D.03-06-032, p. 8, fn 14.) The adopted goals were:

By ruling on June 2, 2004, the Assigned Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) modified the 2004 goals based on program performance as of April 1, 2004. The goals for subsequent years were not modified. The 2004 revised goals were:

The 2004 enrolled price responsive load as of July 2004 was:

On October 15, 2004 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), and Southern California Edison (SCE) filed proposed programs, budgets, MW goals, and cost recovery proposals for 2005 demand response programs. Some of the proposed programs were for price responsive demand programs, but other proposals were for reliability triggered demand response programs. On October 29, 2004, SDG&E filed additional proposed programs to specifically expand its reliability triggered demand response capability. PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE filed additional programs on November 15, 2004 and December 1, 2004. All of these proposals will be addressed herein.

Consistent with the goal of meeting 3% of annual system peak load with price responsive demand response programs, D.04-12-048, the decision on utility long term procurement plans, adopted the following 2005 price responsive goals:

These 2005 goals are subject to adjustment based on a review of whether the utilities utilized consistent annual system peak demand forecasts. In

addition, the utilities were required to file additional price responsive programs for 2005 so that the adopted 2005 price responsive demand goals will be met. The incremental programs will be addressed in a subsequent decision, and should focus on day-ahead notification programs as described in today's decision.

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