10. Other Program Requirements

We herein clarify that unless specified otherwise in this order, we will apply all the same program requirements to MASH program applicants as apply to the general market program, including but not limited to warranty, insurance, metering, and interconnection requirements. As we stated in D.07-11-045 relating to LISF, the MASH Program Administrators may seek exemptions from general market CSI requirements, as set forth in the CSI Handbook, by justifying the need for the change through an advice letter filing with Energy Division. Energy Division shall resolve any requests through the advice letter process, unless the change requires modification of a Commission order. In that event, the party seeking the change must file a petition for modification of the relevant Commission order.

Finally, CCSE, the Joint Solar parties, and A WISH express the view that time variant, or "time-of-use" (TOU) tariff requirements should not apply to MASH incentive recipients. On September 28, 2008, the Governor signed Assembly Bill 276825 which amends § 2851(a)(4) regarding TOU tariffs requirements for CSI. The section, prior to this recent amendment, had required CSI incentive recipients to take service on TOU rates. Thus, TOU tariffs are no longer mandatory for CSI incentive recipients and the concerns expressed by these parties are moot.

25 Chapter 541, Statutes of 2008.

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