22. FERC Certification of Generator for Qualifying Facility (QF) Status

Since this program is developed to be compliant with PURPA, a participating generator must register with FERC as a QF.89 Generators may utilize FERC's self-certification90 process by filling out FERC's Form 556. Generators can visit FERC's website for more information on how to self-certify as a qualifying facility.91

89 The fundamental premise of the pricing proposal adopted today is that the prices reflect avoided costs, which the Commission has authority to set under the PURPA for QFs. In the absence of such federal authority, the Commission would not have jurisdiction to establish the wholesale FiT Program prices. Therefore, to satisfy the PURPA requirements, the participating generator must be a QF. (PG&E April 16, 2012 Reply Comments.)

90 FERC provides two certification options: self-certification or FERC certification.

91 How to obtain QF Status: http://www.ferc.gov/industries/electric/gen-info/qual-fac/obtain.asp.

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