3. Scope

The Scoping Memo identified the following eight issues to be considered in the first phase:7

1. How are energy storage technologies currently being used?

2. What policies are needed to encourage effective energy storage that would meet the goals of AB 2514?

3. How can energy storage technologies be best integrated into the utilities' existing portfolios?

4. How could energy storage technologies be integrated with the Commission's loading order and other overarching policies?

5. What current state or federal policies impede the more widespread utilization of energy storage or serve as barriers to the development of energy storage systems?

6. Is it possible to develop a single unifying policy for energy storage?

7. Are there certain energy storage applications/attributes that should be encouraged?

8. How should the ownership model of energy storage be considered?

Although this decision addresses many of these issues, we find that issues concerning specific storage technologies and how they will be integrated into existing Commission procurement policies will need to be considered as part of the Staff's framework to analyze energy storage going forward. As such, these issues will be incorporated into ongoing analysis and consideration in the second phase of this proceeding.

7 Scoping Memo at 4.

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